WRITING FOR RESULTS
If learning to do just three simple things could decrease the time you spend writing by up to 50% and increase the possibility that someone would actually read what you write, would you do it? If your answer is yes, this practical business writing session is for you. Canada’s etiquette expert shows you how to communicate more effectively and write for impact.

Who Should Take This Seminar?
If you are in a position that requires writing for business, or if you have supervisory responsibilities that include managing the work of others through written communications, you will benefit from this session. As well, anyone who has front line or client service responsibilities who wants to send a positive impression through emails, memos, and reports, should take this course.  

Upon completion of this seminar, you will be better able to:
Send a professional, polished, and up-to-date impression through your written correspondence. 
Pinpoint your writing problems and utilize basic writing concepts you may have forgotten.
Understand the expectations of today’s reader. 
Adopt modern format guidelines for emails, letters, memos, short reports and thank you cards.
Avoid writer’s block and learn to write more concisely.
Write subject lines and opening statements that have impact. 
Monitor the tone of your writing and communicate with more clarity. 
Update your writing style.
Use proper grammar, usage and punctuation. 
Write to save yourself and others time and energy.

Depending on your specific writing needs, elements of proposal or report writing and/or persuasive and sales writing can be incorporated into the session. 

*PCG is pleased to offer “High Impact Business Writing” session at a special introductory rate of $3850.00 plus 
GST for a full-day session. Unlimited number of attendees welcome. Travel and expenses included. 

Copyright COCC, Adapted and used with permission from TCG Inc.